Work Pride

For those of you who know me, I am sure you are very much aware how I have opinions about just about everything.  Normally, I am not afraid to share them with anyone who will listen.  That being said it might be a little odd I am not taking full advantage of this blog to get my opinions “out there”.  So bear with me and I hope you enjoy.

The reason for this post is pride.  Pride in the company I work for and for the people I work with!  AOL has a tremendous pool of very skilled and passionate people.  I truly believe the opportunities ahead of us are limitless…and that is really driven by the people I have the privilege of working with every day.  I place a high value on the importance of having pride in the people I work with and for the work for who I do.  It’s probably one of the biggest drivers that helps roust me out of bed in the morning and take the hour and fifteen minute commute to work (each way).

The reason for this bubbling pride on this raining Monday morning is the post of an AOL executive, for whom I have the privilege of working with – Mike Manos. I say with, because Mike does not treat or make those who work in his organization feel as though they are doing something FOR him, but more with him.  Over the years, it seems as though AOL has not gotten much recognition for the technical challenges we have tackled and overcome.  Sure AOL has been buying companies and changing its business model (numerous times) over the years.  What tends to be not spoken of much is the “behind the scenes” work that has allowed us to push through these changes and still be one of the leading Content, Advertising AND Technology companies in the world.

AOL recently attended the Uptime Institute Symposium in Santa Clara, CA to talk about some of the ongoing development of our own cloud.  Last year, AOL was at Uptime to discuss the launch of our AOL Cloud.  This year, AOL was there to talk about the progression of the cloud and for being awarded the winner of the Uptime Institutes’ Inaugural Server Roundup Contest.  The cloud infrastructure built by the Infrastructure Development Team managed by Aaron Lake coupled with the persistence and dedication of the Business Operations and Service Management organizations managed by Julie Edwards and Christy Abramson (respectively) that makes this such a huge success for AOL.  You can read Mike’s post here, and get more information about the server roundup here.  I won’t spoil it…but you have to watch the video!

As for me…I am going to sit back and enjoy my coffee (yes another cup) while I bask in AOL Pride.