Culture of Creativity (passed on)

So as I look at blogs around “the net”, it has come to my attention that blogging and tweeting are very similar (and I am a novice at both), there is a lot of “re-posting” .  Why else but to share the good stuff you find with others in your own twitter, blogging, etc network.  With that in mind,  I would like to “re-post” the following post by Mike Manos.

Creating a culture of Creativity….

April 10, 2012 by mmanos


I came across this talk by John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) from 1991 about the process of building creativity.   I could not help but think of the applicability of building organizations that are creative.  In my opinion getting people out of the grind, the day to day blocking and tackling, into a place where they can begin to solve for things is more about the attitude and engagement of the team.  Its also one of the key cultural things I try to build in an organization. …

It’s an awesome, and very funny, bit by John Cleese on Creativity.  The link in this post will take you to the YouTube video (unfortunately the link in Mike Manos’ blog post did not work for me).   Before you watch the video I wanted to stress some points that you will hear from John Cleese.  Set aside a time when you can relax and really listen and focus.  Make sure you are in a place that is comfortable where you will not be disturbed and be sure to set aside the right amount of time (video is 36 minutes long, I suggest at least 45 minutes).

While listening to this, I was able to reflect on many areas of my own professional experiences and I have to say, it is making me take a moment to put a little deeper reflection into them.  Especially in the area of ensuring I keep a bit more humor in my life as well as my subordinates and coworkers.

After you watch the video, please drop  a comment here to let me know your thoughts.