Thinking back…it’s August 2nd,  2013 .  I am on my way to work at AOL in the midst of talk about headcount reductions.  As I was getting closer to work I did start… Continue reading

The Bug Myth

I was forwarded this post, The Bug Myth, by a college and it is a very good read.  I also recommend you read the comments and provide your own. The definition of requirement, request,… Continue reading

AOL Keeps Moving Forward (Micro Data Centers…what’s Next?)

AOL Keeps Moving Forward (Micro Data Centers…what’s Next?)

It’s impressive to see the stretch goals that people set actually getting met.  I would venture to say that it’s a pleasant surprise even to those at AOL who set them.  Keep the faith and keep moving forward!  Congrats AOL.

Work Pride

For those of you who know me, I am sure you are very much aware how I have opinions about just about everything.  Normally, I am not afraid to share them with anyone… Continue reading

Culture of Creativity (passed on)

So as I look at blogs around “the net”, it has come to my attention that blogging and tweeting are very similar (and I am a novice at both), there is a lot… Continue reading

Focusing on Your Strengths

In Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton’s book “Now, Discover Your Strengths”, the value of identifying one’s strengths and honing those strengths is emphasized over and over.  This sounds like a really good concept… Continue reading


Welcome to my first attempt at blogging.   I hope to make it fun, informative and someplace you think about returning to and I encourage you to leave comments, suggestions and general thoughts. … Continue reading